Crazy Mabel (1971) [Re2004]

Pays:    Netherlands
Sortie:    1970 (re2004)
Genre:    Rock
Style:    Prog Rock, Blues Rock

Recorded live at the Pheasantry

    British sextet released in 1971 their sole album (a live recording) only in Germany and Netherlands.
 A heavy psych blues rock with jazz and progressive touch, from excellent musicians .

Blues Pills-Discography "partial" (2013-2020) (re-post updated 2022) At Rockpalast EP 2014   tracks: 01. In The Beginning 02. Black Smoke 03. Little Sun 04. Mind Exit time: 15:15

Devil Man EP year: 2013
01. Devil Man
02. The River
03. Time Is Now
04. Dig In
time: 16:56

Live At Rockpalast EP 2014
01. In The Beginning
02. Black Smoke
03. Little Sun
04. Mind Exit
time: 15:15


Blues Pills-Blues Pills-2014

01- class woman
02- aint no change
03- jupiter
04- black
05- river
06- no hope left for me
07- devil man
08- astralplane
09- gypsy
10- little sun




 2016 - Lady In Gold

01. Lady In Gold 04:32
02. Little Boy Preacher 03:36
03. Burned Out 04:33
04. I Felt A Change 03:58
05. Gone So Long 04:17
06. Bad Talkers 03:11
07. You Gotta Try 03:39
08. Won't Go Back 03:56
09. Rejection 03:34
10. Elements And Things 04:52



                                                                  2016 - Live In Berlin

01. High Class Woman 05:08
02. Ain't No Change 08:04
03. Bliss 04:19
04. Dig In 06:09
05. No Hope Left For Me 04:02
06. Devil Man 05:04
07. Black Smoke 07:40
08. Little Sun 07:27
09. Astralplane 06:37



                                                                   2020 - Holy Moly!

01.Proud Woman (3:34)
02.Low Road (3:17)
03.Dreaming My Life Away (2:43)
04.California (3:10)
05.Rhythm In The Blood (3:49)
06.Dust (3:50)
07.Kiss My Past Goodbye (3:01)
08.Wish I'd Known (4:27)
09.Bye Bye Birdy (4:03)
10.Song From A Mourning Dove (5:34)
11.Longest Lasting Friend (3:57)



After departing from their former group in september 2011, drummer Cory Berry and bass player Zack Anderson were eager to start a new band of their own. They joined up with Swedish lead singer Elin Larsson and French guitar player Dorian Sorriaux, all being musicians they met in Europe through the years on the road.  



It´s been a long, hard and winding road for mankind, but in December 2011 the moment we´ve all – yet unknowingly and yet unaware of our coming salvation – been waiting for finally saw the light of day. Elin Larsson, Cory Berry and Zack Anderson, all just in their early Twenties, formed a group which should quickly become one of the most acclaimed and interesting bands in music. Behold the birth of a new musical experience, an experience we thought was long gone, lost in time and space. Behold the birth of BLUES PILLS.

The young American-Swedish-French quartet create a very unique, intense and extraordinary rock atmosphere while at the same time having a major mainstream appeal that takes you right back to the time of BLUES PILLS’ ancestors Aretha Franklin, The Original Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Cream. Driving bass lines, grooving drums and guitar solos from another planet by the only 17 year old Dorian Sorriaux, harmonized and tied together with such easiness, such delight, by Elin’s incredible voice, sometimes singing in her mother tongue Swedish.

With the idea to take soul music, combined with blues and rock’n’roll and turn it into a new force of unimaginable energy, intensity and freshness, their blonde archangel & soul-saviour Elin Larsson will guide you gently into a new world, the band´s empire of soulful rock; her beautiful voice seems to be taking you beyond the stars to an infinite universe on a journey that appears endless in time, yet profound and revealing. Elin´s powerful lyrics are full of emotions, her jazzy-soulful voice never falls into the trap of an aestheticization of kitsch, but unfolds an outstanding beauty itself with a refreshing new take on the timeless and unquestionably noble art of rock`n`roll, touching your soul.


Steve Marriott – Steve Marriott’s Scrubbers (1996 )

 The Scrubbers Sessions (rec. 1974 – 1975, rel. 1996) This 20-track release is a kind of Holy Grail for Marriott fans. Cut at his home studio with a bunch of friends (“the Scrubbers”), it’s raw, heart-felt, and creative, showing all the potential that failed to surface on the post-Frampton Pie records. Ridley and competent blues pianist Tim Hinkley played a large part – Ridley’s vocal on “Send Me Some Loving” is one of his best anywhere – but it’s really a Marriott solo album

Bloody Mary - Bloody Mary 1974 (1993)


Interesting one-off Hard Rock album with some Progressive Rock thrown in. Bloody Mary had a bit of an eerie mysterious vibe that set them a bit apart from the run of the mill Mid-70's Hard Rock bands. Dragon Lady is pretty amazing. It's heavy but mysterious, scorching yet redolent of the midnight sea.

Arabesque - Beyond The Veil 1994

Jawdropping, Mindblowing Hidden Gem - 100%

Beyond the Veil captures a remarkable and, though not wholly unique, truly magical feel and sound. The Dutch trio taps into a transcendental sonic space that Dream Theater touched on (and then ruefully abandoned) in Images & Words and takes it to a new level. While the sound is everything I love about the 90s, the content is very forward thinking and ahead of its time.

Steeleye Span - Time 1996

Time is an album by Steeleye Span. The album was released in 1996, after a seven year hiatus. The impetus for the album was a 25th anniversary reunion tour the year before, during which most of the former members of the band performed together. Maddy Prior was experiencing voice problems so she spoke to Gay Woods, a founding member who had left the band after the first album, to rejoin. Woods initially resisted this move, since she had not performed publicly for some time, but Prior eventually prevailed and Woods returned to the band.

Sweet Toothe - Testing (1975)Vinylrip

vinyl rip
A group from Bluefield, West Virginia.
The story is typical for America of those years: several friends record a demo under artisanal conditions, and then an album on a small private label (in this case, 'Dominion Records' in Nashville), - a ridiculous circulation of 200-1000 copies ... pic producers Benny Quinn and Patrick Glossop tried to get serious ... In addition, in the history of the band in the mid-70s there was an episode when they warmed up the audience before the concert performance of the reunited Iron Butterfly.

I.D. Company (Inga Rumpf, Dagmar Krause...) (Krautrock, Experimental) - 1970

I.D. Company (Inga Rumpf, Dagmar Krause...) (Krautrock, Experimental) - 1970

It’s full of Eastern sounding Folk Rock, sitars and psych sounds (On the Inga tracks).
 Electronics, Sitars, Eastern Rock Inga Rumpf and Dagmar Krasuse all mixed together to produce an experimental album.
 And it has the Avant Garde emergence for Dagmar on the flip. ……………

Amon Duul II 1992 - BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert [Windsong International 1992]

Not as Good, as Live in London but still a very good, recorded live at the Golders Green Hippodrome For the BBC in 1973 Duul's Live playing is at time's some what Chaotic , but then again that adds a certain charm to the Music the stand out tracks for me are Green Bubble Raincoated Man and Trap both these Tracks featuring the Wonderful Renate Knaup on Vocals , and from the First Album Kanaan which features some Sweet Guitar Playing by John Weinzrel , the cd also features two Bonus Tracks Taken from the Dance of the Lemmings sessions, Marilyn Monroe Memorial Drums the Title of that track just about tells you what it is and the final track Chewing Gum Telegram which is some typical Amon Duul2 Jamming , if your looking for some Amon Duul 2 for the first time this Cd would not be for you Try Wolf City or Yeti , But if your a Duul2 fan then this Cd is essential to your Collection.

Amon Duul II 1974 - Lemmingmania 2000

Originally released in 1974, 'Lemmingmania' is a compilation made up of, mostly rare AD II singles. Vocalist Renate Knaup's vocals are  astounding, especially when guitarist Chris Karrer jumps in and shares the vocal duties with her. Brings to mind [sort of] like Germany's reply to Jefferson Airplane

The tracks here are all short, with nothing over about 5 minutes. Recorded in 1975, much of the music actually sounds even older, although this is mixed with some futuristic sounds, or at least they would have been at the time.

Blues Dimension 1969

Formed in Zwolle, The Netherlands in 1966 by Leen Ripke, Blues Dimension was one of the first Dutch groups playing rhythm & blues with horns. The band was active until 1969, when the group's breakup was announced in the title of their last and third album B.D. Is Dead, Long Live B.D.[MOVLP1735]
The second and self-titled album Blues Dimension from 1968 was produced by Tony Vos, who was responsible for arranging and producing many Dutch pop acts. Their biggest hit was a fantastic cover of the classic Rare Earth song "Get Ready".

Inga Rumpf - Second Hand-Mädchen (1975)

Inga Rumpf ‎– Second-Hand Mädchen 1975
 Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold

The first solo album of Inga Rumpf, the one who made the musical revolution in German rock since the late 60s - early 70s in the “Frumpy” and “Atlantis” bands. She was called German Janis Joplin. The owner of a magnificent and inimitable voice, she actually created the image of these groups. In short, the significance of Inga Rumpf for “Frumpy” and “Atlantis” is about the same as that of, say, Rod Stewart for “Faces”. As she herself recalled: “When writing songs, I felt the greatest influence of blues and jazz, which contributed to my musical maturity” ...

9.30 Fly - 9.30 Fly 1972

Formed in Cheltenham in 1971, 9:30 were a highly original band who took in folk and progressive influences in their work.

Released on the Ember label in 1972, “9:30 Fly” is legendary for the originality of the music within and also for its great rarity. Although the album failed to make a commercial impression at the time of its release, it is now regarded as a milestone in Progressive / Folk Rock.

Joy Unlimited - 1971 - Schmetterlinge

For the start, I must say it's a bit incoherent. However, although it's distancing this record from a masterpiece status, it's also giving it quite a dose of charm.

First off, vocals. I was convinced that powerful female vocal was coming from the throat of African origin; it turned out singer is a small white girl. But what a power! Powerful, ranging from clean to raspy, sometimes pleasantly overdubbed. Lots of soul and rhythm 'n' blues influences.

But what is this? What are we talking about?

Aretha Franklin - The Real... Aretha Franklin (3CD) The Ultimate Collection

The Real ... (The Ultimate Collection) is a series of compilation CDs.

In this series ,the greatest hits of an artist ,or within a genre ,are bundled on 3 CDs in a luxury digipack package.
 That way you get the ultimate collection of the artist or genre at home in "one" go.

In this 3-cd collection of Aretha Franklin you will find the big hits Who's Zoomin 'Who and Jump to It.etc..

Frumpy - 1990 - Now

Frumpy was a German progressive rock/krautrock band based in Hamburg, which was active between 1970–1972 and 1990–1995.
Formed after the break-up of folk rockers The City Preachers,
 Frumpy released four albums in 1970–1973 and achieved considerable commercial success.
 The German press hailed them as the best German rock band of their time and their vocalist Inga Rumpf [de]
as the "greatest individual vocal talent" of the contemporary German rock scene.
They disbanded in 1972 although the various members all worked together at various times over the following two
 decades and they reunited again in 1989, producing three more albums over five years after which they disbanded once more.

B.B.Blunder - Workers' Playtime[2CDset]1971

B.B. Blunder's story is a most confusing one for such a short-lived and little-known band. The group was essentially an offshoot of the Blossom Toes, one of the best underground British rock acts of the '60s, noted for both their droll psychedelic pop and a heavier, dual-lead guitar-oriented sound. When the Blossom Toes broke up at the end of the '60s, guitarist Brian Godding and bassist Brian Belshaw continued to play together, sometimes in association with singer (and Godding's sister-in-law) Julie Driscoll. Eventually, Kevin Westlake, who had drummed on the Blossom Toes' first LP, joined them, and the trio recorded an album, with Driscoll helping out on vocals.

Ironbridge - Ironbridge 1973

This is CD premiere of one of the best and also the most underrated,
soft-progressive rock albums ever recorded in UK! The sole,
eponymous LP of this British band was released in 1973 by EMI Columbia label,
unfortunately in France only! There's no infomtation available about the band
(even their first names) except the fact they came from Telford area in Shropshire
and were previously known as Fluff. The music itself is best described as very
melodic, early Badfinger (well done vocal harmonies, catchy melodies)

Crystalline - 1970 Axe Music - (+bonus Video)

Psychedelic Rock, Acid Rock
Axe (also known as Crystalline and Axe Music) was formed in 1967 in the town of Northampton,
influenced by bands like Jefferson Airplane , Grateful Dead,etc. Love.In 1970 released this demo,
which would be his only recording an album of acid rock with influences of folk,
 Indian music and lots of west coast wave,with female voice that sounded very influenced by
 Grace Slick while instrumentation shows various influences of Jefferson Airplane ,
but you could say that they had some Cream,Sam Gopal,Them and even Black Sabbath ,

Crystal Syphon - Family Evil 1968

America’s great lost acid rock band.  Who knew California band Crystal Syphon had an album’s worth of material sitting in the can waiting to be heard by 60s psych rock fans?  This has to be not only one of the best reissues of 2012 but also one of the best archival classic rock discoveries of the year.

Crystal Syphon’s origins can be traced back to the Morlochs, a garage band who formed in 1965 and hailed from the San Joaquin Valley area.  As the years went by (and after several personnel changes) the Morlochs changed their name to Crystal Syphon.  Crystal Syphon played the S.F. live circuit with some of the era’s biggest names while the major labels expressed serious interest in this promising,

Chariot-Chariot 1968

Hard rocking US power trio spun off from '66-'68 Los Angeles Knack
Dates of release are usually given as 1968,
but it is believed to have been as late as 1971
Straight forward, hard rock with soulful raspy vocals, tight playing, tight songs
Hard rocking, not really psychy,
A mainstream play at a radio friendly Grand Funk/ James Gang sound
Guitar playing is tasteful, and in service to the song,
therefore, no long crazed solos
Overall, a solid and enjoyable late 60's/early 70's hard rock album,
that should have been a radio staple
Reviewed by zphage, 25/06/2011.

Flower Travellin' Band - 1971 - Satori ( Japan Rem 1991)

This was Japan’s premier hard rock group. They recorded several albums during the late 60’s and early 70’s though Satori and Made In Japan are their very best works. Satori is one of hard rock’s great lost records that finds common ground with Monster Movie era Can, the Stooges’ Funhouse, MC5’s High Time, Blue Cheer’s Insideoutside and Guru Guru’s self-titled 1973 lp. It’s an album that weds bludgeoning guitar riffs with philosophies from the Eastern world. Some have even gone as far to say that had Buddha formed a hard rock group, it would most likely resemble the music played by the Flower Travellin’ Band.

It’s All Meat “It’s All Meat” 1970

It’s All Meat were a late 60s/early 70s band that hailed from Toronto and released this excellent album in 1970 (Columbia).  Prior to that, It’s All Meat had been known as The Underworld.  The Underworld released a superb, crude garage single (“Go Away”/”Bound” – the label is Regency) in 1968 and also recorded some fine unreleased material captured on acetate.  As mentioned before, some of the members of The Underworld would form It’s All Meat.  In 1969 this new group would release their debut 45, “Feel It” coupled with “I Need Some Kind of Definitive

Tripsichord Music Box (1970)

The Tripsichord Music Box was an American psychedelic rock group of the 1960s. They were managed by Matthew Katz, who also worked with Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape and It's a Beautiful Day. Their loyalty to Katz, at a time when many San Francisco bands were signing recording deals with LA-based labels, may have contributed to their relatively unknown status today. Led by guitarist and singer/songwriter David Zandonatti, Tripsichord recorded a full length LP and several singles for Katz's San Francisco Sound label.
Circa 1966 Zandonatti joined The Ban whose members included Straight, McKinney and Guzman; The Ban had released a single on Brent Records before he joined them. They then signed to the

ERA - Three Colors of the Sky 2006

Tsuboy, Akihisa and Natsuki Kido: Era
A stunning collection of acoustic music from the Japanese duo of Akihisa Tsuboy and Natsuki Kido, Era gives listeners an aural glimpse of two master musicians practicing their craft with utmost skill and zeal. But the albums not just good––it's also extremely diverse, between classical, classically-influenced prog and even a dose of European folk (with, of course, dashes of Asian melodies along the way) soothing the listener one more step toward which brings to mind Eastern and Central European music while maintaining a freshness and vitality that is unmistakable.

Pell Mell - The Entire Collection 4 CD in one box

The complete oeuvre of seven albums on four compact discs in one box

"Die Moldau" of 1981 released for the first time in the correct key and tempo

"Skyrider 2", their last album, has never been released before

    Format: CD
    Label: Made In Germany (MIG)
    Genre: Progressive

Electric Orange - Platte - 2003

I don't know if the song titles have any sense. It doesn't matter - the main thing is to judge the musical output in the end. Here we have an album with some band jams mastered by Eroc at his 'ranch'. Originally released as a long player in 2003 - platte is a german expression for vinyl - the digitalized version from 2007 contains two bonus tracks. ELECTRIC ORANGE is delivering a special unique album - something I've never heard before. Either you love it or not. Fans of Hammond drenched music must be satisfied. But don't expect rock songs as usual. The basis of this album are hypnotic beats, pointed out monotonous with intention and the band members are spinning a fine web around them with their instruments.

Electric Orange - Cyberdelic (1996)

Honestly, after having heard the excellent "Krautrock From Hell" when I happened to pick up this album I have to admit that I've almost skipped it entriely. Apparently this is just chill-out music, of the kind that is useful after a rave while one is waitng for the ecstasy taken to go down. I have never taken ecstasy but this is how somebody explained me that it works.

The album is full of this, effectively, but after quite a long time I have listened to it again, only because I have copied all my Electric Orange stuff on an mp3 reader and, know what? I have liked it!

Ian Hunter - Overnight Angels 1977

After receiving (and turning down) several offers in 1976, Ian realised he wanted to be in a band again. After the less than commercial success of Alien Boy, he went in to the studios wanting to record fast songs again (having recorded Alien Boy never wanting to do a fast song again!). With Roy Thomas Baker producing (he had produced several Queen albums), this should have been a monster.

The result could almost be described heavy metal - it is certainly not a typical Ian Hunter album. The rockers are certainly there, but the production is too thin - everything is at the same level in the mix (up front!), with Ian's voice almost drowned out at times.

Released when punk was at its height, the album and subsequent tour received mixed reviews. Columbia in the States was more forthright - they refused to release it (although a few test pressings exist). Ian would soon part company from CBS/Columbia and Fred Heller (his manager), and soon disowned the album, describing it as "that horrible album" and "a mistake", and hasn't played any track from it in concert since.

Amon Düül -1972 - Disaster — Lüüd Noma

AMON DÜÜL were a huge musical collective that had a spectacular appearance in a tv-show in 1968. Before they put out their first album they split though, and one half set off to form AMON DÜÜL II.

The others kept the name AMON DÜÜL and in 1969 published the first Krautrock album ever, "Psychedelic Underground". It was very badly produced, and the music consisted of long improvisations, but after this album no other band needed to have an inferiority complex. Their second official album "Paradieswärts Düül" (1970) is much better produced and has a folky touch. The albums "Collapsing - Singvögel Rückwärts", "Disaster" and "Experimente" stem from the same session as "Psychedelic Underground" and are of similar nature; they were published after the band had split up already.

Stonewall - 1974 - Stoner

Stonewall - Stoner (1974 us, fantastic psychedelic/hard rock - Akarma reissue)

 Stonewall was the house band of a recording studio owned by James (Jimmy) Goldstein, based in Long Island during the late '60s.

Goldstein was also a part-time member of the band, occasionally playing keyboards on their sessions. He was a performer of his own, using the stage name of "Jay James". Under that alias he recorded the album "Good Times And Bad Times" that was released on the Tiger Lily label (same as Stonewall).

Amon Duul - Psychedelic Underground (1969)

Psychedelic Underground is the debut psychedelic rock album by the German band Amon Düül. It was released in 1969.

AllMusic Review by Ned Raggett:
 “Some albums just have the perfect name, and Amon Duul's debut nails that to a T. Obscure upon release and obscure even now, for all the cult appeal, Underground is music at its most experimental and relentlessly uncommercial, using late-'60s inspirations as a launching ground for what came to be described as Krautrock.

Amon Düül II - Eternal Flashback (1996 )

Releases information

"Originally given away free to people who ordered enough other Amon Düül CDs
 from the record label with material from 1969 to 1971
 reworked by members of the group into one space rock epic."

CD Captain Trip Records - CTCD-041 (1996, Japan)

Steamhammer - MK II (1969)(Repertoire Records)

From, the ultimate progressive rock music website

Easily Steamhammer's crowning achievment (certainly as far as progheads are concerned) ,
 although many rockers will prefer Mountains. The main difference with this album and other Steamhammer albums is Steve Joliffe
 who is not unknown to progheads since he went through Tangerine Dream , albeit on their controversial Cyclone ,
the only TD album to have acoustic instruments and yes! Vocals!!!!

Hardly controversial Mk II album, though as it is simply their most refined album ,

The Flock 1975 Inside Out (Sonic re.Creation vinyl)

3 stars! Gone is the wind section (which is not necessarily a bad thing IMO). Gone is Jerry Goodman (which is not necessarily a good thing IMO). He was replaced by another great violin player : Mike Zydowsky who joined the band in 1973 or so for their touring over Europe.

The music here is less jazz oriented than on their first two albums and there are some very good tracks in here. Still, jazz is very much present during the longest song from this album : "Back To You". It goes along with the poorest : "Hang On" which is a funky / soul song which is best avoided, believe me.

Kin Ping Meh – Concrete (1976) [double live album]

Their 5th album, live in concert. Great prog!! ...or just hard rock
Very rare out of print double CD...

1976 / 1995 (Nova / Second Battle)

As far as I am aware, there were no other German bands like Kin Ping Meh, who chose their name in the Chinese language! In 1970, this quintet assembled in Mannheim: Werner Stephan (lead vocals), Joachim Schafer (guitar, piano, vocals), Fritz Schmitt (organ, piano), Torsten Herzog (bass) and Kalle Weber (drums). They played live extensively during their early years, performing a rough hard rock modeled on British bands like Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Spooky Tooth. Soon, Kin Ping Meh were discovered by Polydor's talent scouts. Joachim Schafer left the band just before the recording of their first album. He was promptly replaced by Willie Wagner (guitar, harmonica, vocals), who joined the band in the Windrose Studio. Indeed, Wagner wrote the stand-out track of this album, the opening 11-minute 'Fairy-Tales', a haunting heavy rock song with long, 'progressive' guitar and organ solo parts. Even if you do not find this style attractive, you'll sense the great enthusiasm of the band. There were also some mellow, folky songs on the album, like 'Too Many People', recorded live and boasting an irresistible chorus. 'Kin Ping Meh' was produced by the experienced rock veterans Achim Reichel and Frank Dostal. The engineer was none other than Konrad Plank. The album is highly recommended for fans of groups like Epitaph, Zarathustra, Frame, etc. It's now quite rare (selling for more than 300 DM) as the first and only vinyl edition was only pressed at around 5,000 copies.

Stomu Yamashta - Go - Live From Paris (1976) [Re2005]

  One of the most unrecognized jazz rock masterpiece! /---it was a masterpiece, quite hard to find---/

The music is hard to describe. A mix of smooth atmospheric, Jazz and Rock pages. Very enjoyable music, with cool and easily accessible jazz rock parts, but also with sometimes dark or weird ambiences. Superb production, nice sound with an equal part for each instrument, and a great singer in the person of Steve Winwood. So the question is : Why does this live album had been so wrongly forgotten? It is surprising, knowing that this super group brings together some famous musicians such as Klaus Schultze, Al Di Meola and Michael Shrieve. The fact is that Stomu Yamash'ta doesn't benefit from the same reknown. But considering this dashing effort it is a real shame. Try it out and I bet you will also wonder why!

Achim Reichel & Machines · Echo (1972) +IV (1973) = 2 on 1


A.R. & Machines biography
Producer, composer and musician from Hamburg (Germany), Achim Reichel is a key figure in the explosion of krautrock. Reichel was first a founder member of "The Rattles" at the beginning of the 60's. In 1968 he formed the "Wonderland band" with the drummer Frank Dostal. Late 60's he launched his first solo musical project called A.R and the machines. Musically it provides a supreme sonic musical voyage turned to cycled psychedelic guitar playing with lot of echoes and delay. The first album was published in 1971 in collaboration with Frank Dostal. The album presents an ambitious collection of spacey rock jams featuring a lot of electronic effects and arrangements. This album prefigures "acid" trips of krautrock guitar / minimal electronic explorers like Manuel Gottsching. The guitar freakouts and the weird imagination of the first effort continue to prevail in the following inspired, confused and various Die Grune Reise, A.R. IV, Autovision (generally a mix between guitar soudscapes and psych pop orientated songs). Reichel decided to abandon the project after 5 studio albums. Today A.R and the machines remains a high class standard of hypnotic space-echo guitar inventions.

Achim Reichel & Machines -1970-DieGrüneReise + Erholung 1973

Die Grune Reise (The Green Journey)
A.R. & Machines Krautrock

Review by siLLy puPPy
Collaborator PSIKE Team (From
5 stars This is definitely Krautrock but unlike most contemporaries that were distancing themselves from the blues and rock influences of the 60s, A.R. & MACHINES fully utilized a blues based guitar sound on this album. What makes this so trippy is that they added guitar loops, effects and feedback like there's no tomorrow. It can sound like a very accessible sound one moment and then suddenly burst into extremely trippy worlds where the only thing that's for sure is that echos and feedback are plentiful, but all with an underlying catchiness.

Abstract Truth - 1970 - Totum

4.0 out of 5 starsexcellent
By Bill on

This is a 1970 album by Abstract Truth, a band from South Africa.

The band features a lot of sax, and flute, but this is not the driving blues of early Jethro Tull or Bloodwyn Pig. Abstract Truth are far more laid back, almost trance-like. The CD carves a quiet groove and stays there.

But there is a lot of subtance here, and this group will make a mark given a chance. You can listen intently, or play it a few times and let the quiet groove wash over you.

Out Of Focus - ST (1971

Out Of Focus biography
This awesome band came from Munich and made three extraordinary albums on the super-collectable Kuckuk label plus another that never got released until recently. Hennes Herring on KB (mainly Hammond organ), Remi Dreschler on guitars, Moran Neumuller on vocals and winds, Klaus Spöri and Stefan Wisheu on drums and bass respectively made an incredibly tight unit although they were prone to a lot of improvisation moments also. Their music is somewhat similar to early British prog but will gradually evolve to a certain jazz-rock while staying very politically and socially conscious (in the typical German style of those years) although the singing does not hold a big place in their music, their third release (a double) being mostly instrumental. They released three albums on the legendary Kuckuk label, the same one that also reissued them in Cd format.

Streetwalkers - Red Card (1976) + Vicious But Fair (1977) [2 on 1]

Streetwalkers / Red Card (76)+ Vicious But Fair (77)[2 on 1]2005
Style: Rock
Country: Great Britain

  BGO Records BGOCD669

After Family (one of the best loved British 'underground' acts) split up, the two main people, (singer Roger 'Chappo' Chapman and guitarist John 'Charlie' Whitney) recorded an album called 'Streetwalkers' then formed a band of the same name. That band recorded three studio albums and a live album. This CD contains the second and the third studio albums.

Streetwalkers - Downtown Flyers 1975

Genre :  Blues rock, hard rock, Pop/Rock
Charlie Whitney and Roger Chapman formed Streetwalkers late in 1973. This new band included vocalist and guitarist Bobby Tench from The Jeff Beck Group and Hummingbird and future Iron Maiden drummer, Nicko McBrain. Streetwalkers was a polished AOR band with more elements of white soul than Family. They signed to the Vertigo label as Chapman Whitney Streetwalkers recording an album simply entitled Streetwalkers, released on the Reprise label in 1974, with a line up including other members of Family and King Crimson. Chapman and Whitney morphed their band into the "Streetwalkers" which comprised five members including Bobby Tench, drummer Nicko McBrain,

String Cheese - String Cheese 1971

Before he awkwardly replaced David LaFlamme in IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY, Greg Bloch had his own shot at early seventies psych-folk fame with STRING CHEESE, a band whose early promise but quick demise was undoubtedly influenced by the fortunes of their label (Wooden Nickel), which started to unravel even before marquee act STYX began to be courted by A&M Records.

Blessed with a lead vocalist (Sally Smaller) much in the vein of IABD's Patti Santos, the band's music bears a striking resemblance to many of the Haight-Ashbury stable of psychedelic and folk bands of the late sixties and early seventies. The group also featured drummer John Maggi, whose prior group IOWA BY THE SEA became a footnote for being the band that launched Michael Wood's career with the seventies folk-rock band AMERICA.