Bloody Mary - Bloody Mary 1974 (1993)


Interesting one-off Hard Rock album with some Progressive Rock thrown in. Bloody Mary had a bit of an eerie mysterious vibe that set them a bit apart from the run of the mill Mid-70's Hard Rock bands. Dragon Lady is pretty amazing. It's heavy but mysterious, scorching yet redolent of the midnight sea. And then there's Riddle Of The Sea, which is as epic a Prog song as if it had been done by Genesis or Yes. It's complex, beautiful, and haunting. The rest of the album though is no great shakes, and Bloody Mary's career came to a screeching halt shortly after this. Too bad, I'd like to have heard a follow up.
By DarthKarl Aug 14 2011.
Limited release from Family Records, the band's sound is similar to that of Sir Lord Baltimore with keyboards and more of a heavy prog structure of Deep Purple,Uriah Heep,etc...

Track list:
1.Dragon Lady (5:04)
2.Highway (2:51)
3.Riddle of the Sea (4:08)
4.Free and Easy (5:10)
5.You Only Got Yourself (7:01)
6.Can You Feel It (Fire) (5:37)
7.I Hear the Music Playing (4:51)


Is write on the web," this is the project of John Bradley - the vocalist-drummer from Sir Lord Baltimore, again in the field of hard rock. However, this is a clear disinformation: firstly, the leader of the SLB was called John Garner, and secondly, in May 2007 he unambiguously denied any connection between the groups on one of the Internet forums."

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Bloody Mary - Bloody Mary 1974 (1993 ltd.edition reissue)


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