Amon Düül II - Eternal Flashback (1996 )

Releases information

"Originally given away free to people who ordered enough other Amon Düül CDs
 from the record label with material from 1969 to 1971
 reworked by members of the group into one space rock epic."

CD Captain Trip Records - CTCD-041 (1996, Japan)

 Tracks Listing

1. Eternal Flashback (67:49)

Total Time 67:49

Editorial Reviews

This CD is a rare, Plunderphonics-style CD of Amon Düül II material given to people who ordered enough of Amon Düül II's CDs on the Captain Trip label. It is enclosed in a paper sleeve. Contains music from the 1969-1971 period. Rare and out of print.

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