Host - Hardt mot hardt (1976)

  Review by Steve Hegede
5 stars "Hardt Mot Hardt" was released in 1976, and, compared to "På Sterke Vinger", sounds like it was done by a completely different band. Actually it was done by a slightly different band. Both of the original guitarists left, leaving the bassist and vocalist behind to continue the project. The music on "Hardt Mot Hardt" was mostly written by the new guitarist who seemed to favor complex symphonic prog. His diverse electric guitar playing mixed both 70s hard-rock with local influences (Norwegian melodies and rhythms), and classical music. The vocalist sounds different on this release, but it's the same guy as on "På Sterke Vinger". His voice is stronger and confident here.

The tracks tend to mix a bit of everything. Some tracks lean on the heavy-prog side, while a couple of other tracks feature a small orchestra and symphonic atmospheres. The quality of the music remains high throughout the various changes in style. In fact, the band had real talent for creating catchy riffs, melodies, themes, rhythms, and beautiful vocals. It's hard to find fault anywhere. Overall "Hardt Mot Hardt" will end up pleasing prog fans. But do yourself a favor and check out "På Sterke Vinger" as well. Both albums are classics.

 Tracks Listing

1. Profeters ord (5:40)
2. Gorobin (5:09)
3. Nattergalen (7:10)
4. Ørnkloa (3:17)
5. Sirkus (7:42)
6. Lektyre (3:55)
7. Åse (3:19)
8. Æræeo (5:57)

Total Time: 34:59


- Geir Jahren / vocal
- Bernt Brodahl / bass
- Willy Bendiksen / drums
- Fezza Ellingsen / guitar, flute
- Halvdan Nedrejord / organ, piano, accordion

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