Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man - Out of Season (2002)

Out of Season is a studio album by Portishead frontwoman Beth Gibbons and former Talk Talk bassist Paul Webb (under the pseudonym Rustin Man). It was released on 28 October 2002 in the United Kingdom and on 7 October 2003 in the United States. Out of Season is largely a folk album with jazz leanings, with Gibbons and Webb drawing more directly on the influences of Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, and Nick Drake, at which Portishead's work in trip-hop only hinted. Out of Season also features contributions from Gibbon's fellow Portishead bandmate Adrian Utley. The first track of the album, "Mysteries", appears on the original soundtrack of the French movie Les Poupées Russes (The Russian Dolls).

Beths site:
Beth Gibbons takes a break from her Portishead duties to team up with former Talk Talk man Paul Webb (alias Rustin Man) to make what will surely become one of the albums of 2002. 'Out Of Season' is a beautiful album, in equal parts melancholic, inspiring, dark and heart rendering. Largely acoustic and tinged with romanticism, 'Out Of Season' is another reminder that Beth Gibbons possesses one of the greatest and most evocative voices of our generation."

1 Mysteries
2 Tom The Model
3 Show
4 Romance
5 Sand River
6 Spider Monkey
7 Resolve
8 Drake
9 Funny Time Of Year
10 Rustin Man

    * John Baggot – Piano, Wurlitzer
    * Gary Baldwin – Organ
    * John Barclay – Flugelhorn
    * Martyn Barker – Percussion, Conga
    * Mark Berrow – Violin
    * Rachael Brown – Background Vocals
    * Lurine Cato – Background Vocals
    * Ben Chappell – Cello
    * Clive Deamer – Drums, Tympani
    * Philip Dukes – Viola
    * Simon Edwards – Guitar (Bass), Double Bass
    * Mark Feltham – Harmonica
    * Andrew Findon – Flute (Alto)
    * Beth Gibbons – Guitar (Acoustic), Arrangements, Vocals, Vocoder
    * Pete Glenister – Guitar (Acoustic)
    * Leo Green – Horn Section
    * Lee Harris – Drums
    * Nick Ingman – Conductor, Orchestration
    * Mitchell John – Background Vocals
    * Patrick Kiernan – Violin
    * Boguslaw Kostecki – Violin
    * Peter Lale – Viola
    * Martin Loveday – Cello
    * Neill MacColl – Guitar (Acoustic), Ebow
    * Perry Mason – Violin
    * Lorraine McIntosh – Background Vocals
    * Frank Ricotti – Vibraphone
    * Eddie Roberts – Violin
    * Nina Robertson – Flute (Alto)
    * Joy Rose – Background Vocals
    * Mary Scully – Double Bass
    * Chris Tombling – Violin
    * Jonathan Tunnell – Cello
    * Adrian Utley – Organ, Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Moog synthesizer|Moog Synthesizer, Ebow, Guitar (Baritone)
    * Paul Webb – Percussion, Piano, Accordion, Arrangements, Guitar (Electric), Keyboards, Background Vocals
    * Bruce White – Viola
    * Dave Woodcock – Violin
    * Gavyn Wright – Violin
    * Warren Zielinski – Violin