Ironbridge - Ironbridge 1973

This is CD premiere of one of the best and also the most underrated,
soft-progressive rock albums ever recorded in UK! The sole,
eponymous LP of this British band was released in 1973 by EMI Columbia label,
unfortunately in France only! There's no infomtation available about the band
(even their first names) except the fact they came from Telford area in Shropshire
and were previously known as Fluff. The music itself is best described as very
melodic, early Badfinger (well done vocal harmonies, catchy melodies)

combined with George Harrison (beautiful electric / acoustic guitars sound),
some hard rock (on few tracks) and progressive rock influences
 (occasional mellotron passages, changing moods).
It's an album which can't be missed!


01. Just A Bridge 03:35
02. Back Room 03:44
03. Hallelujah Dave 02:51
04. Getting Older 02:51
05. Making It Hard 03:55
06. Show 04:47
07. It's All Right 03:16
08. Frost And Fire 02:40
09. Simple Man 02:43
10. Glen 00:56
11. I Can Fly 03:30
12. Shanty 06:43

Total: 41:31

Ironbridge - Ironbridge (1973) [Reissue 2012]

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