Manuel Gottsching-Inventions For Electric Guitar(1970)

5.0 out of 5 stars Ash Ra Tempel - 'Inventions For Electric Guitar' (Spalax) 
By Mike Reed VINE™ VOICE

Originally released in 1975, rather this be a Manuel Gottsching solo title, or an actual Ash Ra Temple album, I loved what this CD has to offer. Though it may be somewhat over my head, I was quite impress with this piece. Couldn't get enough of the trance-guitar 'gem' {sort to speak} "Echo Waves" (17:45), the smoothly played "Quasarshere" (6:34) - is Gottsching paying tribute to Robert Fripp or what? and the awesome "Pluralis" (21:36). Maybe a bit diiferent than the very early Ash Ra Tempel goodies like their self-titled debut, 'Seven Up' and 'Join Inn', but still a listening experience. Highly recommended.

5.0 out of 5 stars Flawless!!!!!!!! 
By shadowmaster

No keyboards just the magic of Gottchings electric guitar, you can hear thousands of sounds from his 6 string gadget and unbelievably succesful. Even the guitar sequencers are pulsating. If you think these are just tape loops and sounds of like an electric saw that is a Fripp trademark, well you are mistaken, this is like baumann and schmoelling tangerine dream- heavy, angry and rocking!!


 5.0 out of 5 stars Manuel Gottsching "MASTERWORK", 
Eddie O. Phillips 

This is a very wonderful recording by one of the pioneers of early german progressive music.Manuel had worked with Klaus Schulze earlier on and I think personally they really feed on each other as Lennon and Mccartney had done with the Beatles.This music is for relaxing and turning off your mind to meditate to your own desire with the music setting the atmoshere. I have heard a lot of music and this has some of the most ethereal moments that i have ever heard. I do wish that Manuel would remaster and put out the 6 disc set of the Private tapes at a resonable price this would give eveyone a good listening experience. The cd The new age of earth should not be overlooked.

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Track Listings
1. Echo Waves
2. Quasarsphere
3. Pluralis 

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