Crystalline - 1970 Axe Music - (+bonus Video)

Psychedelic Rock, Acid Rock
Axe (also known as Crystalline and Axe Music) was formed in 1967 in the town of Northampton,
influenced by bands like Jefferson Airplane , Grateful Dead,etc. Love.In 1970 released this demo,
which would be his only recording an album of acid rock with influences of folk,
 Indian music and lots of west coast wave,with female voice that sounded very influenced by
 Grace Slick while instrumentation shows various influences of Jefferson Airplane ,
but you could say that they had some Cream,Sam Gopal,Them and even Black Sabbath ,

also showed heavier,darker,lysergic and some of Carnatic music influences .
In 1991 Kissing Spell label re- released this album for the first time,
but to date remains criticized the re -issue,because the songs mostly changed their original titles,
in addition of adding effects to your recordings as backwards and phaser to make it sound
 “ more psychedelic ” and even include some parts re- recorded by a guitarist in a band current
stoner / doom,but fortunately Guerssen Catalan label re- released this album with original
recordings ( without any alteration ),although it is recorded in one of the few copies of the
original LP of '70 ,as the masters of music are lost.This album just over 27 minutes is certainly
one of the best psychedelic albums that came out of the united kingdom ,
as the musicians were really creative when composing and performing his songs in my opinion
are 100 % masterpieces, especially “ There from Here ,” which has a lot of Indian influence,
also feature much “Peace of Mind” that has very heavy guitars and an excellent version of
 “ a House is not a Motel ”

1. Another Sunset, Another Dawn - 4:08
2. Peace Of Mind - 3:08
3. A House Is Not A Motel (Arthur Lee) - 4:45
4. Here From There - 7:53
5. Crimson Nights - 6:15

 Enhanced Content
Axe Live at Abington Park, 1970. [bonus video track]

Axe (Line-Up #3, 1969-1971)
*Vivienne Jones - Vocals
*Tony Barford - Guitar
*Roger Milliard - Acoustic Guitar
*Mick Knobbs - Bass
*Stevie Gordon - Drums
This line-up were for a short time known as Crystalline.
Under which name they recorded the acetate demo tracks. 

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