Streetwalkers - Red Card (1976) + Vicious But Fair (1977) [2 on 1]

Streetwalkers / Red Card (76)+ Vicious But Fair (77)[2 on 1]2005
Style: Rock
Country: Great Britain

  BGO Records BGOCD669

After Family (one of the best loved British 'underground' acts) split up, the two main people, (singer Roger 'Chappo' Chapman and guitarist John 'Charlie' Whitney) recorded an album called 'Streetwalkers' then formed a band of the same name. That band recorded three studio albums and a live album. This CD contains the second and the third studio albums.

Red Card is the better album. I first heard most of the songs from it when Streetwalkers supported the Who in Swansea. The songs are more straightforward rock than Family, not quite as good (well, better than the final Family album) but good none-the-less. Standouts include the opening track and the slightly humerous (or is that tragic - it would be for the main character) Me An' Me Horse An' Me Rum. It features one cover, 'Daddy Rolling Stone', which is a good version of that song (ironically, the Who also recorded this on the 'b' side of one of their singles - I forget which).

Vicious but Fair is almost as good, with the tongue-in-cheek Chilli Con Carne (Chappo always was good at tongue-in-cheek lyrics), the well controlled 'Dice Man' and the rallying-cry of 'Can't Come In' - which would carry over into the start of Chappo's solo career (virtually forgotten at home, very successful on the continent, particularly Germany).
(By Mr. Clifton Jones Amazone review)
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01 Run For Cover - 5:48
02 Ma An' Me Horse An' Me Rum - 4:04
03 Crazy Charade - 5:29
04 Daddy Rolling Stone - 3:15
05 Roll Up, Roll Up - 3:31
06 Between Us - 3:50
07 Shotgun Massiah - 4:50
08 Decadence Code - 6:41

Line Up:

Roger Chapman - vocals [lead], percussion, 

Uncle Al's Pals Choir - choir
Nicko McBrain - drums, percussion
Jonathan Plotel - bass, backing vocals
Bobby Tench - electric guitar, vocals, keyboards, percussion,
Charlie Whitney - electric guitar, guitar [slide]

09 Mama Was Mad
10 Chilli-Con-Carne
11 Dice Man
12 But You're Beautiful
13 Can't Come In
14 Belle Star
15 Sam (Maybe He Can Come To Some Arrangement)
16 Cross Time Woman

Time: 1:17:17