Crazy Mabel (1971) [Re2004]

Pays:    Netherlands
Sortie:    1970 (re2004)
Genre:    Rock
Style:    Prog Rock, Blues Rock

Recorded live at the Pheasantry

    British sextet released in 1971 their sole album (a live recording) only in Germany and Netherlands.
 A heavy psych blues rock with jazz and progressive touch, from excellent musicians .

Mike Connell : lead guitar,
Allan Spriggs : vocals
Jim Sullivan : Bass  
Geoff Leigh : alto saxophones,flute.
Leslie Cirkle : drums
Tom Parker : Piano
Bryn Collinson : Tenor Saxophone

1.Intro Talking/Crazy Mabel    3:20
2.Keep On Rolling            3:40
3.Driving Song                    3:58
4.Beat Goes On                    6:40
5.Rag And Bone Man            4:55
6.It's Alright Ma (It's Only Witchcraft)4:51
7.You've Never Had It            4:39
8.Sleepy Feeling            4:27
9.Tea Time                    3:57
10.Splitting                    4:48

Total time: 45:20


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