Guru Guru - Hinten 1971

With its usual bass/drums/guitar parts, Guru Guru plays a trippy blues-kraut jamming. It's mostly instrumental and improvised with very original rhythmic and lead guitar sections, sometimes interrupted by monologues in German and strange screaming vocals. The last track contains a lot of psychedelic effects thanks to electronic gadgets.This album is a great answer to the English heavy and blues rock scene led by The Cream and others but really more outrageous and exciting. In the band's career, this album is in the direct line of their first effort UFO, a total free form rock with delicate psychedelic touches. Guru Guru representative style at his summit. (

Studio Album, released in 1971

Songs / Tracks Listing

Side 1
1. Electric Junk (10:58)
2. The Meaning Of Meaning (12:09)
Side 2
3. Bo Diddley (9:56)
4. Space Ship (11:05)

Total Time: 44:08


- Uli Trepte / bass, radio
- Mani Neumeier / percussion, special effects
- Ax Genrich / guitar

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Guru Guru - Hinten 1971

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