Bull Angus - Bull Angus - 1971

Quite solid album this one I have come to quite accidentally. You will find here the highlights that made great bands like Rooster, Heep, Purple or even Lynyrd Skynyrd, such mix is thrown in these pieces of music. Maybe this band did not have the recognition I think they should have had because there's not a single track that really stands out over the rest (maybe CY sets a different mood for its acoustic nature (great tune by the way!)), so due to low commercial success they delivered just two albums
Hammonds and double guitars are present in all the album, delivered in an energetic way, with good interplay, riffing and crunchy soloing. The doble guitar attack and the flavour is sometimes more sabbat, zep or purple but sometimes they threw some souther flavours ala Lynyrd Skynyrd. Quite tasty mix, let me tell you. There's even some flute every now and then that really fits the themes. The songs are complex and dynamic enough to consider this prog in the same terms as, for example, Uriah Heep.
Songwriting is ok, maybe not superb, but this is a very pleasant listen to everyone who loves heavy prog hammond and guitar driven.
There are also good vocal harmonies even in the backing vocals, and the lead singer reminds to Gillan or Byron, and is quite dynamic.
All in all, I'm having a really good time listening to this, and it is leaving me in a very good mood so...I'll give it a weak 4 stars, give them a try!
Review from progarchives.com
01. Run Don't Stop
02. Mother's Favorite Lover (Margaret)
03. Uncle Duggie's Fun Bus Ride
04. A Time Like Ours
05. Miss Casey
06. Pot of Gold
07. Cy
08. No Cream for the Maid
Time:     42:40

Geno Charles (drums, percussion)
Larry LaFalce (guitar, vocals)
Dino Paolillo (guitar, vocals)
Frankie Previte (vocals, recorder, percussion)
Ron Piccolo (organ, piano, vocals)
Lenni Venditti (bass)

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