Flash - Psychosync 1997

Darn good sound quality archive compilation CD release of the short lived British progressive art rock band's brief existence, 1972-74. 'Psychosync' is a collection of six live performances from American radio and TV shows. For those of you that might have not heard of Flash, they were the brainchild of former Yes guitarist Peter Banks. Tunes here that I was most impressed with were "Room With A View", the fifteen-minute epic "Dreams Of Heaven" and the title track "Psychosync". Simply just SO '70's-ish. Might appeal to fans of Alan Parsons, early Yes, Genesis and possibly Marillion. Recommended.
.../... "Room With A View" is simply the original title of "There No More" from In the Can....

By Mike Reed on 14 Dec 2006

01. Small Beginnings
02. Room with a View
03. Children of the Universe
04. Dreams of Heaven
05. Dead Ahead
06. Psychosync

Tracks 1 – 4 are from a live radio broadcast, June 18, 1972, WLIR FM Long Island, NY
Tracks 5 & 6 are from the Midnight Special TV show, recorded October 9, 1973.
This compilation was originally a bootleg CD given to Peter Banks and issued thanks to Rob Ayling at Blueprint Records.

Line Up:

Peter Banks: guitars, vocals
Ray Bennett: bass guitar, vocals
Colin Carter: lead vocals, tambourine
Mike Hough: drums


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