Psycheground - Psychedelic And Underground Music (1971) “A sweet psychedelic set, but one with very mysterious origins -- originally recorded as a sound library session, by a group that was really the better-known Nuova Idea! The album's definitely got a vibe that fits its sound library roots -- all instrumental, with a bit less bravado than most psyche albums of this type -- almost more of a focus on the rhythms, which stretch out strongly amidst the Hammond and guitar solos on the set. The whole thing's still pretty rockish, but also has a deeper sensitivity to the overall sound too -- a quality that's partly due to production efforts of Giampiero Reverberi.”


01 - Psycheground
02 - Easy
03 - Traffic
04 - Ray
05 - Tube “Limited edition (500 copies) reissue of the ultra-rare, ultra-cool jazzy and groovy Psychedelic and Underground Music LP that was released in 1971 by the small Lupus label. Behind the name The Psycheground Group hid the musicians of Nuova Idea, in their first line-up. The album is all instrumental, composed of five long tracks, in the same style as Blue Phantom or The Underground Set, and had in common with the latter group the name of Ninety (producer Giampiero Reverberi) behind them. Reverberi composed the whole album, which was recorded in his own studio.”


for losslles go to link below:
Psycheground - Psychedelic And Underground Music (1971)


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah,
i've lost my copy few days ago, but here it is thanks to you. Last time i checked this album in the net, about 2 years ago, i couldn't find a lossless copy.. i'm not sure for now, i've just rushed to your place after a google search because i know your blog from some past DLs & i know i can trust you over Audio quality,.. not a lossless Maniac but when it's up to releases that "Heavy" & that Influential , i'd rather upgrading x).
Much obliged for this copy & Please Keep this place alive.

progDeaf gerEars said...

"about 2 years ago, i couldn't find a lossless copy.. i'm not sure for now,"

Well i'm sure, you can have a lossless copy now:
just planned to upload and post on the Culture 4 All blog soon,
enjoy man ;-)