Electric Mud - Electric Mud 1971 (1993)

Could start talking about my relationship with this obscure German band in the early 70's.released on the label Lost Pipe Dreams, During the 95 years in USA I bought this CD I was surprised to hear power and reminded me of bands like Necronomicon and Virus, certainly much more crude and rude. In 2000 I lost this CD product of a robbery at my house. During all these years I looked lost all hope of getting a copy because Lost Pipe Dreams had disappeared from the market. With great surprise a few months ago I could locate a copy and a wonderful opportunity to buy.

What I can comment, which remains the same emotion that many years ago, the same power and quality of musicians. It is said that the album was recorded in studio, if it was recorded during a radio presentation, which is a pleasure to hear them as well.

The album is made up of only four tracks, the first is entitled ¨Hausfrauenreport" very progressive being the longest running in some parts reminded me of the genesis of Foxtrot, the second is called "Die Toten Klagen Euch" process costs a little but really this song is very good, very dense begins and then continues with a powerful riff, the voice of Udo Preising which is what gives the dark touch and of course the good keyboards Axel Helm, the third is called "Immer Das Alte Lied" contains very powerful keyboard layers even notice the flaws in the recording, but that add value to this work. Finally Zu Essen in der Not a big issue that crowns a spectacular job of this unknown German band.
From, ChileProg | 4/5 | 2011-5-26

1.  hausfrauenreport (11:33)
2.  die toten klagen euch an (5:44)
3.  immer das alte lied (6:47)
4.  nichts zu essen in der rot (11:26)

Total Time: 35:12

Line-up / Musicians

- Jochen Dyduch / drums
- Axel Helm / organ, piano
- Udo Preising / bass, vocals
- Manfred Simhäuser / guitar

Free Text: LOSSY

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