Anekdoten - A Time Of Day (2007)
Review by HeptadePROG REVIEWER
5 stars This has been a big year for new albums, what with Porcupine Tree, Rush and Marillion records coming out. Those records have all been pretty good, but for me, this was the one I was waiting for, and it's everything I cracked it up to be.

Anekdoten has improved with every CD, with

2003's Gravity being their last triumph, an album on which they added pop, ambient and psych elements to their usual dark prog riffage. The live record Waking the Dead was also a triumph and well worth picking up. This record finds them refining their sound further on a remarkably consistent album. There are new touches, such as the flute on 30 Pieces, some nice synth and organ sounds and even some hard rock riffs, as well as the return of the cello. As always, there are great big lashes of majestic 'tron all over everything, which pleases me no end. The songs are strong, ranging from the pounding dark prog numbers which the band is known for to delicate acoustic songs like Stardust and Sand and Prince of the Ocean, the album's highlight track. The band's vocals from Jan Erik Liljeström and Nicklas Barker continue to improve with each passing album.

I find it hard to find any fault with this record, which is a stew of psychedelic dark prog of the highest order from an incredibly consistent band. I think Anekdoten is the finest young prog band in the world today, and this is their best record- better than the new PT? You bet. It's their masterpiece. Housed in a really nifty digipak with great art and high quality paper, this is an essential.
.../...30 Pieces, A Sky About To Rain, are examples of sad and melancholical beaut. Instrumental crescendo and armonic balance make EveryStep I Take so eerie. The Great Unknown has a magical vocal performance. In For A Ride reminds me of the first Camel efforts, with a great keyboard and bass work. Prince Of The Ocean and Stardust And Sand are the mellowest songs in the album and are leaded by the vocal performance and the touching lyrics.

Studio Album, released in 2007

 Tracks Listing

1. The Great Unknown (6:22)
2. 30 Pieces (7:13)
3. King Oblivion (5:02)
4. A Sky About To Rain (6:29)
5. Every Step I Take (3:06)
6. Stardust And Sand (4:29)
7. In For A Ride (6:47)
8. Prince Of The Ocean (5:30)

Total Time: 44:58


- Nicklas Barker / vocals, guitar, Mellotron, keyboards
- Anna Sofi Dahlberg / vocals, Mellotron, violin, synthesizers
- Jan Erik Liljeström / vocals, bass guitar
- Peter Nordins / drums, percussion

Guest musician:
- Gunnar Bergsten / flute


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