A tribute to Klaus Schulze 1998

In 1998 I have been asked to produce a track for a Klaus Schulze tribute album. The first track I ever heard from KS was the second song on his „X“ album „Georg Trakl“. I decided to do a remix for this work and named it „Remember X“.
Klaus Schulze himself appeared on that album as well - as the „Schulzendorfer Groove Orchester“.
joerg schaaf

01. Amp-Sunrays (4:32)
02. Laurent Dury-Crystal (6:03)
03. Kazz-Franks Tango (3:33)
04. Sanjiva-Klaus Upside Down Under The Indian Sea (6:31)
05. Kenton Files-The Weight of Klaus (7:36)
06. Nemesis-The Return Of The Neuronengesang (6:23)
07. Subsonic Affair-Remember X (5:40)
08. Second Culture-Beyond the Actual Scene (8:47)
09. Bjørn Fogelberg-Brave New Sequence (4:57)
10. Bondes System-Yes, I am Sequenced (9:28)
11. Schulzendorfer Groove Orchester-The Schulzendorf Groove (14:25)

 Klaus Schulze - A tribute to (1998)

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