Eneide - 1972 - Uomini Umili Popoli Liberi

Progressive rock

Country: Italy

Review by loserboy
4 stars Excellent classic 70's Ital-prog with complex yet melodic compositions reminding me somewhat of elements of PFM, JUMBO and perhaps even BIGLIETTO PER L'INFERN0. ENEIDE juxtapose a liberal amount of organ, Hammond and Moog and flute throughout even some violin. The most amazing parts IMHO are when ENEIDE get into their groove and then they really take off. Bass and drum lay a fantastic backdrop for keyboard, electric guitar and flute to overlay. Songs are well written and offer a nice array of mood and tempo changes with some grand well thought out melodies. Considering this album has been hidden away for a large number of years the sound quality is quite amazing. Vocals are shared among the band and are quite good with lots of emotive character and clever harmonies. Overall an excellent slice of 70's Italian Progressive Rock.

Tracks Listing

1. Cantico alle stelle - traccia I (2:49)
2. Il male (3:19)
3. Non voglio catene (7:48)
4. Canto della rassegnazione (2:30)
5. Oppressione e disperazione (3:03)
6. Ecce omo (4:06)
7. Uomini umili popoli liberi (3:20)
8. Viaggia cosmico (3:48)
9. Un mondo nuovo (2:38)
10. Cantico alle stelle - traccia II (1:36)

Total Time: 35:27


Gianluigi Cavaliere (vocals, guitar)
Adriano Pegoraro (guitar, flute, vocals)
Carlo Barnini (keyboards, vocals)
Romeo Pegoraro (bass, vocals)
Moreno Diego Polato (drums, percussion, vocals) 

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