Korai Öröm-1995

Psychedelic/Space Rock 

Korai Öröm biography
Imagine a more organic-sounding OZRIC TENTACLES where the electronics, synths and drum machines are replaced by a didgeridoo, the occasional chant and lots of percussion. This tripped-out Budapest outfit comprises a dozen or so musicians whose albums consist of improvised material recorded on stage and then remixed in the studio. They are known for their dynamic live concerts (often in unusual places such as around swimming pools or in the great outdoors) accompanied by video projections. Their SANTANA-like percussion and wicked, trance-like grooves actually make their music quite danceable. In the words of one of their founding members, Emil Biljarszki: ".(our) CD's are good but sterile, better to come to our concerts and let's feel together that things, which happen from themselves and make us stay alive."

Unfortunately, the band never title any of their albums or even their album tracks, which makes it difficult to refer to any of them individually. A general description would be long-flowing, cosmic space-rock jams with hypnotic atmospheres and superb percussion, with bits of trumpet and flute added on. The fusion-like atmosphere, the blend of Eastern and jazz influences and the constant interplay between burning guitar leads, synths and bass all make for an exhilirating listening experience which fans of OZRIC TENTACLES can't fail to appreciate..


Review by Joolz
SPECIAL COLLABORATOR Honorary Collaborator
4 stars This is Korai Öröm's debut album, and a fine effort owing much to the organic textures of Brainticket and the more modern synths-and-samplers of Ozric Tentacles. These comparisons are valid, but the addition of unexpected instruments like brass, didgeridoo and jaws harp take them into the realm of ethnic-fusion veering through psych work-outs, via latin percussion to tribal-dance [think Baka Beyond]. It says something for the skill of the musicians that they can successfully combine elements from so many different disparate cultures and come up with a sound that is not only unique but entertaining too. Guitar, bass and drums form a familiar rock foundation for this mélange of sound, but surprisingly keyboards play a muted role.

Typically, the music employs slow atmospheric build-ups using ethereal flute and other ambient textures, leading to classic jams built on repetitive rock beats and delicate fills, though lacking the searing energy of bands like Hawkwind. Neither do the jams descend into endless wall-of-sound space-grooves as the traditional instruments are given space to breathe and flourish without ever becoming over-extended, while the power is often diffused by additional assorted percussion that accompanies many sequences.

The album abounds with exciting sounds and inventive ways of integrating them into a musical collage, yet ultimately it fails to be entirely satisfying, as if they have all these ideas but haven't quite worked out how they want to use them. Great for use as a backdrop for some other activity, but less stimulating as a listening experience than some of the band's later work. Partly, this can be attributed to lack of structure and vocals, and for me, is a common complaint with instrumental music of this kind.

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1. 1 (7:48)
2. 2 (12:35)
3. 3 (10:01)
4. 4 (4:11)
5. 5 (7:49)
6. 6 (4:17)
7. 7 (8:59)
Total Time: 55:24

Line Up:

Biljarski Emil / keyboards
Csányi Viktor / drums
Jöcsik János / percussion
Nádasdi Zsolt / percussion
Vécsi Tibor / vocals, bells
Horváth György / guitar
Takács Péter / guitar, vocals, trumpet, flute
Kilián Zoltán / bass
Palzs Miklós / dorombének, fuyara, doromb, didgeridoo, fütéscsö
Vajdai Vilmos / didgeridoo, marimba
Lukács Levente / saxophone


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