Midwinter - The Waters Of Sweet Sorrow (1973)


bilbo1742 Aug 17 2006 4.50 stars
A stellar psych/folk album both in harmony and lyrics and in melody.
Plus the band's unity in performing these dream like songs is a wonder.

wago Dec 04 2006 3.50 stars
A not much known progressive folk record, with a strong celtic/medieval vein. The songs are based around Jill Child's beautiful, crystalline voice and mostly acoustic entwined guitar, dulcimer, autoharp, mandolin and banjo arpeggios. Occasional flute, electric guitar and male vocals join in here and there, often giving an even more "fairy tale" feeling.
Some tracks are truly impressive, very delicate but with these very strong medieval atmospheres and melodies which make them so charming and suggestive!

circulus Jun 24 2006 5.00 stars
Medieval mystic acid folk as its best. i like this one better than Stone Angel may be because it is less dark. The two guitarists are great composers and i find the musicality contained in this album mind- blowing. Need i speak about the enchanting and fragile voice of the girl singer. I assume the style of this album will not appeal to everyone's ears because it is faraway music
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Recorded at Gt. Yarmouth Sound Studios, Summer 1973.  edition  CD:  Kissing Spell 1993

Track listing

    1 Sanctuary Stone 4:16
    2 To Find a Reason 3:50
    3 The Skater 3:24
    4 Scarborough Fair 2:11
    5 The Oak Tree Grove 2:22
    6 Dirge 1:47
    7 Maids and Gentlemen 4:30
    8 The Waters of Sweet Sorrow 3:08
    9 All Things Are Quite Silent 2:31
    10 The Two Sisters 4:28
    11 Winter Song 3:59
        Total Time: 36:32


    - Jill Child / vocals, recorders, autoharp
- Paul Corrick / guitars, recorders, mandolin, vocals
- Ken Saul / vocals, guitar, banjo, dulcimer

- Mick Burroughers / percussion, Jews harp
- Dick Cadbury / bass

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