Jonesy - Growing (1973)

        The third work released in 1974 "Growing". A sense of existence of Alan Bown becomes strong, and it has changed from a symphonic sound to a funky sound. It is a very yborecedebted and a fine work of a psychedelic content. String music is unlimited and is beautiful. Above all, a stout performance is a masterpiece of the charm. I recommends it for electrification Miles Davis's fan.
braindamage | 4/5 | 2005-12-18 From
Incredible music! Lots of mellotron, keyboard, guitar, bass, trumpet and violin parts, with an incredible speed and energy that makes this album worth a listen. Interesting vocals. Nice rythm changes. Wonderful.

Studio Album, released in 1973

 Tracks Listing

1. Can You Get That Together (8:28)
2. Waltz for Yesterday (4:11)
3. Know Who Your Friends Are (6:14)
4. Growing (5:04)
5. Hard Road (3:56)
6. Jonesy [instrumental] (11:40)

Total Time: 39:33


- Alan Bown / trumpet, percussion
- Ken Elliot / synthesizers
- Bernie Hagley / saxophone
- Gypsy Jones / guitar, vocals
- John Evans Jones / guitar, vocals
- Jamie Kaleth / keyboards, Mellotron, vocals
- Morris Pert / percussion
- Plug Thomas / drums, vocals

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