My Brother The Wind - Twilight In The Crystal Cabinet (2010)

  My Brother The Wind, a band consisting of Anekdoten’s Nicklas Barker, Makajodama’s Mathias Danielsson, and Magnolia’s Ronny Eriksson and Tomas Eriksson, made and brilliant achievement that would probably make even the worst pessimist believe in the impossible.
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Our readers followers might know that we hade two separate interviews with the MBTW duo Nicklas Barker / Mathias Danielsson, where they have been telling us about the band’s background, its influences and other details.

These 4 guys have in succeeded harnessing the raw and wild energy of jamming and turn it into something that is going to be considered one of the high points of the genre in 2010.

Musically, hearing these six songs again and again is truly no passive experience. Certainly you will find in their performance a quality that forces you to listen carefully. At the other side, you can’t know what’s coming next,

nothing is ever predictable, and a listener can go from track to track with no danger of fatigue setting in. The songs are in a constant state of transformation, floating energy mixes with melodies, rhythmic transfusions and familiarity with all the tunes. You will be astonished at how comfortable it is having those circling of melodies surround you, but they will take care to break it off unexpectedly and leave you to ask yourself “what just happened?”

It would be ungrateful to compare My Brother The Wind’s music with any of the former or actual representatives of the psychedelic/space/kraut/prog rock genre, due to its members’ wide influences, but let me say that they successfully pull out the best of Gila, Agitation Free, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Can, Hawkwind, and more.

It remains to tell that I hope that this album is not going to show up as a oneshot, because I am sure that such a group of musicians has much more to give. Let’s see what the rest of 2010 will bring, but this album certainly sticks in AT THE VERY LEAST, the top 5, in my opinion.


01. Karmagrinder

02. Electric Universe
03. Twilight in the Crystal Cabinet
04. Precious Sanity
05. The Mournful Howl of Dawn
06. Death and Beyond

Nicklas Barker – guitar

Mathias Danielsson – guitar
Ronny Eriksson – bass
Tomas Eriksson – drums


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