Anekdoten - Chapters (2009) (2 CD)
This is a remastered 2 CD boxset/compilation from the Swedish heavy progressive rock
group Anekdoten. The first CD is a selection from their latest three albums,
A Time Of Day, Gravity, and From Within. The last track is a previously unreleased
track recorded for this release. The second CD is a mixed selection from the 1993

album Vemod, plus some alternate versions of tracks from A Time Of Day and Nucleus.

Release Info

Released: 11th May, 2009
Number of Discs: 2
Format: Original recordings remastered
Label: KScope (Snapper Music)
Catalog#: KSCOPE115
Genre: Heavy Progressive Rock


Peter Nordins / drums, cymbals, percussion, vibes
Anna Sofi Dahlberg / mellotron, organ, moog, rhodes, cello, piano, voice
Nicklas Barker / voice, guitar, mellotron, moog, vibes
Jan Erik Liljeström / voice, bass


Disc One (60:39)

1. Ricochet (5:45)
2. The Great Unknown (6:22)
3. From Within (7:25)
4. In For A Ride (6:47)
5. The War Is Over (4:39)
6. Monolith (6:08)
7. A Sky About To Rain (6:30)
8. Every Step I Take (3:07)
9. Groundbound (5:23)
10. Gravity (8:23)

Disc Two (63:20)

1. Sad Rain (Alt Mix) (10:17)
2. Wheel (7:54)
3. The Old Man & The Sea (7:51)
4. Nucleus (Demo) (5:46)
5. Book Of Hours (Demo) (9:36)
6. This Far From The Sky (Demo) (9:17)
7. 30 Pieces (Demo) (6:58)
8. Prince Of The Ocean (Demo) (5:41)

Total Time: 123:59

Review by Dr. D. B. Sillars, Top 100 Reviewer on (5/5 Stars)

Excellent 2CD compilation featuring one of Sweden's finest prog bands.      

When Robert Fripp disbanded King Crimson after recording "Red", drummer Bill Bruford
was left dismayed as he felt the band had plenty more to say. Anekdoten proves he was
right. Using "Red" as their basic template, Anekdoton over the course of 5 albums
have built up their own blend of darkly brooding progressive rock. Each subsequent
album sees them refining their sound. In fact the trademark, metallic angular guitars,
crunching muscular bass and lashings of mellotron which were the trademark sound of
"Red" and early Anekdoten albums such as "Vemod" and "Nucleus" have somewhat given
way to a lighter, more melodic touch on latter albums such as 2007's "A Time Of Day".

This 2CD compilation showcases the journey which the Swedish band have made over the
course of 5 studio albums. Those albums were released independently, but enabled the
band to build up a strong following within the prog community and particularly in
countries like Japan. Now signed to K Scope, hopefully the wider exposure should open
up their sound to a much wider audience. They deserve it as any track here ably
demonstrates. The music is melancholic, but it is beautiful. With two mellotron players
in leader Nicklas Barker and Anna Sofi Dahlberg, the sweeping symphonic tones of that
instrument deeply permeate each track. Latter albums have featured farfisa organ,
rhodes pianos and even moog synthesiser, but the key instrument throughout is the
mellotron and they play it so well!

Some personal favourites are featured in the selections, like "Ricochet", "Wheel",
"Groundbound" and the truly sensational "Gravity". For the collector, the long sought
after "Sad Rain" is included, as well as a couple of unreleased tracks, including the
beautifully wistful "When I Turn" and some demo versions of album tracks. This is an
outstanding package, all tracks nicely remastered and suitably presented in a lavish
digipak. For those in the know, Anekdoten have for many years been regarded as one of
the prime movers in modern progressive rock. They deserve much wider recognition.
This compilation should do that!

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