Hookfoot - Communication 1972

 HOOKFOOT, created by Southampton based musicians vocalist Ian Duck, bassist Dave Glover and drummer Roger Pope, was virtually the side act to their day jobs as session musicians for ELTON JOHN. The band started life as an R&B band THE SOUL AGENTS in 1965. A name change to THE FINAL ONE then led to HOOKFOOT. The debut album, which found the band ploughing a similar Country Rock furrow to COCHISE and covering songs by NEIL YOUNG, saw the addition of vocalist Peter Ross.

HOOKFOOT turned up en masse to supply the session music for solo artist JOHN KONGAS debut of the same year on Elektra Records as Quaye, Pope and Glover provided the backing.

The follow up album had HOOKFOOT joined by second guitarist American Bob Kulick. A period of flux followed as Kulick quit (later finding notoriety with session work for KISS and his stints with BLACKJACK, BALANCE, MEAT LOAF and SKULL). To keep things on the move after Glover departed COCHISE guitarist MICK GRABHAM subbed on bass. Third album 'Communication' had the band up to full strength with bassist Fred Gandy.

Guitarist Caleb Quaye appeared on numerous 70's Rock projects including THE WHO's 'Tommy' Extravaganza, COLOSSEUM man Dick Heckstall-Smith's 1972 solo album, COCHISE's debut 'Swallow Tales', Grabham's 'Mick The Lad' solo effort and ex HAWKWIND man Steve Swindells 1974 solo album. The guitarist has also worked with Paul McCartney and Pete Townsend.

Far from the heaviest Rock Band HOOKFOOT nevertheless produced some interesting albums with worthy guitar work courtesy of Quaye.

Glover became a studio engineer in later years working with CINDERELLA among others.


01. Crazy Day Running Around 05:33
02. They'll Never Find Us Up There 04:36
03. To Stay Would Bring Me Down 03:38
04. Forty Winks 02:28
05. Oh Joanna 05:29
06. Here I Come 04:52 http://youtu.be/fGa4C7R7ZBM
07. And Nothing Changes 04:43
08. Cruisin' 05:29
09. The Love That You Saved 02:21
10. Just A Little Communication 05:31
Bonus Tracks:
11. Flying In The U.S.A. 04:22
12. Is Anyones There 04:11
13. Slick's Blues For Jumbo 01:47
14. Look To Your Churches 02:40
15. Good Times A' Comin' 06:17 http://youtu.be/wgZh8LZy4I4


Caleb Quaye - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Pianos, Organ, Percussion, Tambourine, Vocals
Ian Duck - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Harp, Percussion, Tambourine, Vocals
Roger Pope - Drums, Percussions, Tambourine, Cow-Bell
Fred Gandy - Bass, Percussion

Dave Glover - Bass Guitar on bonus tracks

Red Fox Records RF 656 (2005)


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog - looks good. Hookfoot 'Communication' appears to download okay, but when I try to extract it i get "No archive found". Any ideas? Bill

progDeaf gerEars said...

@Bill Hey man thanks to report this problem, fixed!Ttry again this one is okay now.
And sorry for the woes and time loss, have fun!