My Brother The Wind - I Wash My Soul In The Stream Of Infinity (2011)

The second album
 Second album from the Swedish quartet of Nicklas Barker (Anekdoten),
 Mathias Danielsson (Makajodama), Ronny Eriksson, and Tomas Eriksson.
 Like their first album, I Wash My Soul In The Stream Of Infinity is pure psychedelic bliss.
 The songs have their roots in jam sessions.
 Overall there is a very German underground/krautrock feel.
 These long jams vary in tempo - from the buzz saw opener "Fire! Fire!"
on through the blissed out Yatha Sidhra-like acoustic "Pagan Moonbeam".
Lethal guitar leads augmented by dollops of Mellotron and organ are the order of the day.
All served up with phat analogue sound.
 If its possible to get high from a round aluminum disc this is the one that will do it for you.
 Highly recommended to those you seek to explore the innermost nooks and crannies of their brain.

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EVERYBODY: Get on this train! This is human expression at its creative best--at its highest potential! Five stars without questions or qualm! This is ESSENTIAL music not just for prog lovers or even just for music lovers but for any human being that might aspire to squeak out the most of their human potential. Ride the waves of Ronny Eriksson's bass lines. Fly into the stars with Mathias and Nicklas' guitar (and keyboard) sounds. Dance across mental planetscapes with Tomas Eriksson's batterie play. Music not to be missed!

1. Fire! Fire!! (13:07)
2. Pagan Moonbeam (3:47)
3. The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart (5:40)
4. Torbjörn Abelli (10:57)
5. Under Crimson Skies (10:33)
6. I Wash My Soul In The Stream Of Inifity (6:19)

Time: 50:23

Mathias Danielsson : guitars
Nicklas Barker : guitars
Ronny Eriksson : bass
Tomas Eriksson : drums

>My Brother The Wind - I Wash My Soul In The Stream Of Infinity (2011)<

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