Blue Sandelwood Soap - Loring Park Love-Ins 1967-68

 Click 2 DLFrom the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, Blue Sandlewood Soap was one of relatively few '60s psychedelic groups from the region (though there were others, such as C.A. Quintet and, on some of their records, the Litter and T.C. Atlantic). They issued just one single, "Friends I Haven't Yet Met"/"Love !pirT" (sic), though that 45, plus a good deal of unreleased material from the time, appears on the CD Loring Park Love-Ins. Take the amateurish '60s garage rock that's filled up many a Pebbles-type compilation and add a good deal of acid-inspired lyrics, constant tempo changes, and odd fragmented song structures and you get Blue Sandlewood Soap. Like their name, it's an awkward mixture of ingredients, instrumentally dominated by Harley Toberman's Farfisa organ and some pretty clumsy drug flash journal lyrics.






01. Friends I Haven't Met Yet 3:07
02. Nickel Bag Of Blue 2:27
03. How Can I Show My Love 3:01
04. Reborn In Eastern Meditiation 2:52
05. Love Pirt 5:20
06. Without A Sond 2:36
07. Did You See The Man 3:41
08. Just For The Moment 3:38
09. What Is Life 2:01
10. A Most Unusual Way 2:59
11. A Childlike Face 2:23
12. Love Is 2:08
13. That's Cool 3:26

14. Interludes  2:20
15. The Girl Stares Coldly 2:19
16. I See The Lightning Roar 1:59
17. Age Of The Magic Men 4:20
18. Northwest Arilines Demo 2:26

time: 53'02" 


(Thanks Sylv)
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Blue Sandelwood Soap - Loring Park Love-Ins 1967-68

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