Amon Düül - Paradieswarts 1970 [rep 1997]

 Paradieswaerts Duul is a primitive folk album that dwells in about the same region as the Velvet Underground's third album and Love's Forever Changes, but not as complicated as either of these releases. The album contains only three songs. "Love is Peace" is a beautiful 17 minute long piece that as Julian Cope notes in his Krautrocksampler, bares resemblance to "Sandoz in the Rain" on (Amon Duul II's)Yeti and not much else. This is also true of the third song on the Paradieswaerts Duul, "Paramechanische Welt". Straddled between these two is a guitar and drum instrumental "Snow Your Thurst and Sun Your Open Mouth". In its totality its a beautiful tranquil album that doesn't belong in our modern society. It certainly isn't rock, but it is Amon Duul at their most stunningly beautiful.
Packaged along with Paradieswaerts Duul (both on the Spalax and Japanese version) is the "Eternal Flow" single, two songs of the same caliber as Paradieswaerts Duulbut a little shorter. Indeed one of them is a completely different version of "Paramechanische Welt" ("Paramechanical World") that is one of the only songs that I know of that has the same emotional impact as "Sandoz in the Rain". (by Chris Moon June 1996)


1. Love Is Peace (17:13)
2. Snow Your Thirst and Sun Your Open Mouth (9:28)
3. Paramechanische Welt (7:38)
4. Eternal Flow (4:10)
5. Paramechanical World (5:44)


- Ella Bauer / harp, bongos
- Lemur / percussion, rhythm guitar
- Ulrich Leopold / bass, vocals, piano
- Dadam / guitars, vocals
- Hansi / flute, bongos
- Helge Filanda / percussion
- Noam / African drums
- John Weinzierl / guitar
- Chris Karrer / bongos
- Rainer Bauer / guitar, electric bass
- Klaus / guitar, electric bass, percussion
- Angelika Filanda / flute

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