Amon Düül -1972 - Disaster — Lüüd Noma

AMON DÜÜL were a huge musical collective that had a spectacular appearance in a tv-show in 1968. Before they put out their first album they split though, and one half set off to form AMON DÜÜL II.

The others kept the name AMON DÜÜL and in 1969 published the first Krautrock album ever, "Psychedelic Underground". It was very badly produced, and the music consisted of long improvisations, but after this album no other band needed to have an inferiority complex. Their second official album "Paradieswärts Düül" (1970) is much better produced and has a folky touch. The albums "Collapsing - Singvögel Rückwärts", "Disaster" and "Experimente" stem from the same session as "Psychedelic Underground" and are of similar nature; they were published after the band had split up already.

01. Drum Things (Erschlagzeugtes) (9:13)
02. Asynchron (Verjault Und Zugeredet) (7:37)
03. Yea Yea Yea (Zerbeatelt) (1:01)
04. Broken (Ofensivitääten) (7:26)
05. Somnium (Trauma) (9:30)
06. Frequency (Entzwei) (9:54)
07. Autonomes (Entdrei) (5:38)
08. Chaoticolour (Entsext) (7:43)
09. Expressionidiom (Kapuntterbunt) (1:49)
10. Altitude (Quäär Feld Aus) (1:02)
11. Impropulsion (Noch’n Lied) (6:14)
Тотаl time: 68:01

Line-up / Musicians

- Rayner Bauer / electric 12-string guitar, vocals
- Ulrich (Uli) Leopold / electric & acoustic basses
- Wolfgang Krischke / drums, piano
- Angelika Filanda / drums, vocals
- Helge Filanda / congas, Fx, vocals
- Uschi Obermaier / maracas
- Ella Bauer / shaker, percussion, vocals

Releases information

Jamming sessions recorded in late 1968 or early 1969

Amon Düül -1972 - Disaster — Lüüd Noma [Reissue 1995· CTCD-022]


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