Archive - Noise (2004)

The trip-hop project Archive was formed by Darius Keeler and Danny Griffiths, who originally met in 1990.
The pair released a few singles on their own Swam label, worked with Genaside II, and formed Archive in 1994.
Signed to Island, Keeler and Griffiths released their debut, Londinium, in 1997. After splitting briefly,
the two re-formed and released their second album, Take My Head, on Independiente in 1999.

Studio Album, released in 2004

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4 stars. I came across Archive through a friend who actually plays in the band. their album "Noise" is one of the best i've ever had the pleasure to listen to. Tracks like Noise, fuck u, waste, pulse are really worth checking out. I wouldnt consider Archive to be a progressive rock band, but rather a sort of rock/trip hop sort of thing. however, it's got the genius and quality of a progressive masterpiece due to its unique style and flawless delivery.

if you havent checked them out, now it's the time!
4 stars. I got to know Archive by listining to "Again" and I could not believe what I was hearing, after that Archive came in to my archive of music, it reminds me of many great bands like Pink Floyd, The Doors and they are so unique, I should say I am from Iran and even say that "Archive has atleast 5 "madly in love with you" fans here and we play some of their tunes in our underground programs. Keep it up and may the force be with you.
4 stars. Well, I came across archive through the Radio, where Again became one the biggest hits in a whole history of those charts. After THAT experience (I mean Again) i was looking forward to the next album.

I must say that my high expectations are satisfied with what band gave us. I'm listening to the different types of rock, not only prog, and in my opinion Noise is one of the best albums of 2004. It's hard for me to find an album with such good beginning - first two songs form a real masterpiece of music, but the rest also reaches very good level. Sleep and Conscience, two beautifull ballads, Get out has this amazing anger ... similar to this that I find in Cure's Pornography. Noise has different mood than You all look the same to me - less floydish I would say. But for me it's still a prog rock band. It's silly for me trying to create nae category only for Archive, after all there is only bad music and good music. Noise is brilliant.


1. Noise (6:44)
2. Fuck U (5:14)
3. Waste (9:57)
4. Sleep (6:51)
5. Here (1:03)
6. Get Out (4:30)
7. Conscience (4:17)
8. Pulse (4:50)
9. Wrong (0:57)
10. Love Song (6:21)
11. Me And You (7:55)

Total Time: 58:39


- Craig Walker / vocals
- Danny Griffiths / guitar, harmonica, percussion
- Darius Keeler / bass, programming

Additional Musicians:
- Steve Harris / guitar
- Pete Barraclough / guitar
- James Tonkin / guitar
- Smiley / drums
- Matt Martin / drums
- Carl Holt / bass
- Lee Pomeroy / bass
- Steve Watts / Hammond
- Graham Preskett / strings

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