After All - After All 1969

Hastily put together in 1969 by a veteran quartet of Tallahassee, FL, musicians and together for only a handful of months, After All is merely a footnote in the history of late-'60s and Florida rock. Their single recorded effort, however, was a moody slice of acid-tinged progressive pop that, while perhaps not among the finest obscurities from the era, brings back the grooviness and off-the-cuff adventurousness of the decade in full color. All of the members of After All had a history playing in various rhythm & blues and jazz bands, dating back to the late '50s, performing at clubs and parties throughout the Tallahassee region. Drummer Mark Ellerbee was fresh out of Vietnam and a graduate of the Florida State School of Music when he bumped into fellow Florida State graduate and keyboardist Alan Gold , who was performing at the time in one of the area's top night club bands.
With the addition of fellow scenesters bassis Bill Moon and jazz guitarist Charles Short,After All was officially born. The group envisioned creating a concept album by throwing together a variety of the era's newest styles, from acid and classical rock to structural complexity and surreal lyrics. To help with the latter, they enlisted a young local poet , Linda Hargrove , to provide the lyrics to most of the songs. The band knew a Nashville producer who was willing to record a "spec album" for them at no cost provided if they did it quickly, so they entered the studio in 1969 and recorded After All in a couple days. Following the release of the album on Athena Records, the instrumentalists returned to Florida and took up their respective careers again. Hargrove , on the other hand, remained in Nashville and carved out a fine, if under-recognized, career for herself as a country singer/songwriter and performer.


01. Intangible She 7:14
02. Blue Satin 3:46
03. Nothing Left To Do 7:03
04. And I Will Follow 4:47
05. Let It Fly 4:29
06. Now What Are You Looking For 3:03
07. A Face That Doesn't Matter 4:31
08. Waiting 4:19
Time:  39:50

Line Up:

Bill Moon     - Bass, Vcls
Charlie Short - Guitar
Mark Ellerbee - Drums, Vcls
Alan gold     - Organ


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