Axis - It's A Circus World 1978

-AllMusic Review by Alex Henderson-

 Daniel Lars 4 years ago:
After Danny Johnson left Derringer this way unrated power trio comes together to form Axis and only releases this debut record (what a shame it didn't last longer).  Pound for pound this LP rocks like nobody's business and was a damn bummer it didn't get the light of day promotion it deserved.  You can tell there was song writing direction still lingering from the Sweet Evil sessions.  Think some of these songs would have ended up on the next Derringer LP, if Danny & Vinnie stayed in the band. 

Track listing

    1 Brown Eyes 4:21
    2 Busted Love 3:51
    3 Juggler 3:29
    4 Soldier of Love 3:44
    5 Train 4:54
    6 Armageddon 2:53
    7 Ray's Electric Farm 3:08
    8 Stormy Weather 2:50
    9 Cats in the Alley 2:56
    10 Bandits of Rock 3:55
    11 Circus World 3:42

Jay Davis:bass guitar, vocals
Vinny Appice:drums, background vocals
Danny Johnson:guitar, vocals

(Johnson & Appice are both ex Derringer side men. This is really good 70's hard rock.. )


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chance to check this out.

progger ears said...

Tanks 4 Ur comment,enjoy !

kobilica said...

Amazing band from that time.Thank you...