D'Accord - D'Accord (2009)

D'AccorD biography
Norwegian band D'ACCORD formed early 2008 and really appeared on the scene in Summer of 2009 when they released their eponymous debut album.

Critically acclaimed it has received great reviews so far even outside Norway with music which is reflecting their influences adopted from several heavy rock and prog bands like Uriah Heep, Deep Purple and Jethro Tull, to name a few. The songs are rendering an authentic 70`s sound with great vintage keyboard work.

  Norwegian band from Stord, that came to life in early 2008.The main scope of D'Accord was to revive the 70's feeling produced by bands such as Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, Queen, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull or Deep Purple and their official self-produced debut from 2009 is a good chance to see the results.All compositions are written by singer/flutist Daniel Maage, while the rest of the original crew were Fredrik Horn on keyboards, Bjarte Rossehaug on drums, Stig Are Sund on guitars and Martin Sjoen on bass.

The first track, which is possibly the best, gives a good idea of a band, that even in the liner notes of the CD thanks the 70's!Until it's middle this is powerful, dynamic and passionate guitar/organ-driven Hard Prog with a very TONY BANKS-like vibe on the keyboards and harsh vocals by Maage, while the second part is beautiful Mellotron-drenched Symphonic Rock in the vein of BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST with a superb, romantic mood.''This Is the One'' is a great up-tempo JETHRO TULL-esque rocker with flutes and organ on the forefront, while ''Bin'' starts with an intense PINK FLOYD atmosphere with good vocal work and psychedelic guitar moves, followed by another excellent flute tune, great Mellotron work and some KING CRIMSON-esque guitar hooks.''Time to Play'' is dramatic Heavy Prog, which even includes some fantastic sax and harmonica parts akin to BURNIN' RED IVANHOE.Fantastic organ solos and awesome guitar parts with an obvious YES vibe complete a real winner.The longer piece ''Capitale venditio'' opens with an extended piano-driven melody and Maage's trully dreamy vocals, before the superb Hammond organ break leads to a lovely GENESIS-influenced tune.From this point on it is like PINK FLOYD meet DEEP PURPLE on stage.Sharp and powerful heavy organs meet the mellow Floyd-ian side, until the tremendous GILMOUR-like farewell guitar solo of Stig Are Sund.

If BLACK BONZO are the kings of Retro Prog in Sweden, then Norway has found its own on D'Accord.Dynamic compositions, damn good use of analog keyboards, an excellent voice, versatile guitar parts and a huge number of unparalleled atmospheres.Awesome stuff, no less than highly recommended.
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01. Play By The Hall Rules (12:13)
02. This Is The One (4:42)
03. BiN (5:44)
04. Time To Play (8:31)
05. Capitale Venditio (13:24)

Line Up:

- Daniel Maage : vocals, flute
- Bjartu Rossehaug : drums
- Martin Sjoen : bass
- Stig Are Sund : guitar

Additional Musicians:

- Fredrik Hadn : keyboards, sax (4)
- Ingvild : backing vocals (4)

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