Jukka Tolonen Band - JTB (1979)

 Jukka Tolonen is one of the most versatile guitarists whose active career covers now nearly 40 years!

..../...,this is an excellent album,that was available on I-Tunes,and OOP cd.Snagged it and was very pleased with the quality of the album.It is high octane funky jazzy rockin' album.High quality musicians including another superb guitarist Coste Apetrea and Joachim Kuhn on keys. This is to me unusual with 2 guitar players with this kind of music.Jukka and Coste swap solo after solo and they are sharp and snappy.The album is instrumental with the exception when somebody say Rock'n roll after 10 seconds,and yes indeed,off we fly.

Have enjoyed several of Jukka's output and this is probably my favorite or second along with 'Passenger from Paramaribo,that has pretty much the same members.(excluding Tasavallan Presidentti).

If you like Return to forever ,Billy Cobham,a dash of Passport ,maybe some Eleventh House,you should be good with this one.
gr8dane | 4/5 | 2011-6-1 (progarchives)

Tracks Listing

2.Space Cookie
3.Grand Hotel
4.Ping Pong
5.Riven Cocos
6.Dancing Bear
7.Soita Saatana
8.Arka Haiven
9.Funky Nightmare
10.Ide & Lardoms Historien/Lilla Lule Alv (CD bonustrack)


-Jukka Tolonen/ guitars
-Coste Apetrea/ guitars
-Christer Eklund/ bass
-Harri Merilahti/ drums
-Bill carson/ drums,percussion
-Joachim Kuhn/ keyboards, piano

>Jukka Tolonen Band - Same (1979)<


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