Epitaph - 1972 - Stop Look and Listen

good stuff
By B. E Jackson on June 5, 2010
Stop, Look & Listen is probably a slight improvement over their self-titled album, but the songwriting still feels pretty weak overall. Sometimes the vocal melodies drag a little longer than necessary, not to mention the guitar playing is secondrate at best.

The lead singer had potential though. I like the sound of his voice, at least. I have no idea whether he's still around these days and singing or whether he retired a long time ago.

Still, this album is extremely inoffensive hard/progressive rock, and you can't go wrong with that. Don't expect the songwriting or guitar playing to completely blow you away and you'll be fine.

Includes Four Bonus Tracks.

Track Listings
1. Crossroads
2. Nightingale
3. Uptight
4. Fly
5. Stop Look And Listen
6. Autumn 71
7. Are You Ready
8. We Love Alice
9. Paradise For Sale

Jackson, Cliff (guitar, vocals)
Kolbe, Bernd (bass, vocals)
McGillivray, Jim (drums, vocals)
Walz, Klaus (guitar, vocals)

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