Deja-Vu - Between the Leaves (1976)[Re1995]

 5 stars Between the Leaves is the sole release by Norwegian one-album wonders Déjà-Vu
With a lineup including two ex-members of Høst (Knut Lie on drums and Svein Rønning on guitar)
and the late Kai Grønlie on lead vocals,
it's a legendary rarity due to originally only being released as a small test pressing.
Sadly, the commercial tide had gone against prog at that point,
and the album didn't get a more widespread release until 1995,
 by which point Kai Grønlie had passed on. It's a shame,
 because whilst most "lost classics" are at best merely very good albums

 whose reputations have been artificially boosted by their scarcity,
this time around the tag really does fit,
with the band playing in a style reminiscent of Yes had they gone in a
harder-edged direction after The Yes Album. File this under "missed opportunities".
Warthur | 5/5 | 2013-5-17

Deja-Vu - Between the Leaves (1976) [Re1995]

01. Burning bridges (10:07)
02. Between the leaves (5:49)
03. Free man (7:13)
04. Flying (8:13)
05. Somebody cares (10:41)
06. Time (7:00)
07. Visions of nirvana (6:26)

Total time: 55:26

Line up:
Kai Grønlie:lead vocals
Svein Ronning:guitars, vocals
Harald Otterstad:keyboards
Knut Lie:drums, vocals
Per Amundsen:bass

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